Jammu and Kashmir, UP, West Bengal among the most government schools lacking internet


A total of 20 states and union territories in India have internet connectivity in less than 10% of their government schools. This information was shared by the Union Minister of State for Education, Annapurna Devi in ​​reply to a written question in the Lok Sabha.

In his response, the Union Minister was referring to the Integrated District Information System for EducationUDISE), 2019-20. According to the report, the states and union territories that have less than 10% of government schools with internet connectivity include Andhra Pradesh (9.10%), Arunachal Pradesh (3.44%), Assam (4.32%), Bihar (2.05%). ), Chhattisgarh (3.35%), Goa (8.46%), Jammu and Kashmir (5.18%), Karnataka (7.75%), Ladakh (1.86%), Madhya Pradesh (3.81%), Manipur (2.36%), Meghalaya (1.27 %), Mizoram (2.35%), Nagaland (3.03%), Odisha (2.72%), Telangana (8.03%), Tripura (1.61%), Uttar Pradesh (2.94%), Uttarakhand (6.40%), and West Bengal ( 9.65%).

On the other hand, Chandigarh tops the states and union territories with the most number of government schools with internet. Internet connectivity is available in 100% of the government schools in the Union Territory. This is followed by Lakshadweep (93.33%), Delhi (88.18%), Kerala (87.61%), Daman and Diu (70.64%), and Gujarat (66.88%) with the maximum number of government schools with internet connectivity.

“To improve internet connectivity in rural areas, CSC e-Governance Services India Limited (CSC-SPV) of MEITY has been entrusted with the task of providing fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity to government institutions including schools. ”, the minister said while speaking in the Lok Sabha.

Notably, states and union territories with functional computers have also been listed in the same report. Chandigarh also tops the list with 99.17% of government schools having functional computers. An interesting addition to the top list was Chhattisgarh which had 85.72% government schools with working computers. Other states and union territories with the most functional computers in government schools include Dadra and Nagar Haveli (83%), Daman and Diu (97.25%), Delhi (93.75%), Kerala (92.76%), Lakshadweep (97.78%) Huh. and Puducherry (85.78%).

Among the states with most government schools lacking internet, J&K, UP, West Bengal were the first to appear in BGR India.

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