Is Google Stadia Dead? it’s for you


Google Stadia game streaming service was one of the most awaited products before its launch. However, the service got off to a less than stellar start, with the service being surrounded by controversies and lackluster features. Users claimed that the service was not up to the mark and felt extremely limited when compared with Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. It looks like the company has finally given up on the service. It has now been made part of the Google Cloud portfolio.

What happened?

Although the company did not close the project completely, Google announced at the Game Developer Summit that the service would now be made available for sale as a Google Cloud service, and would now be called an “immersive stream for games”. will be called.

With this, Google is moving away from the customer-centric model as Google cloud services are not consumer-facing. The company also confirmed that AT&T was one of the first to try out the service last year, when it launched Batman: Arkham Knight for free to AT&T Mobile customers. At that time, the game was only available on PC and smartphone play was not enabled. However, during its keynote address, AT&T revealed that it will soon enable playback of games on smartphones. It also revealed that she is preparing to launch her next title soon.

At launch, Stadia was never intended to be part of the Google Cloud portfolio, instead, it was considered part of standalone services. However, the service did not live up to the company’s expectations and missed the sales forecast by a huge margin. Making it part of Google Cloud Services for other businesses seems to be a backup plan. If it doesn’t work, it could be the ultimate blow to the service.

What happens to Stadia customers?

The company has yet to disclose what will happen to the service’s existing customers, and if it will continue to operate its consumer side of the business on a smaller scale.

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Google is giving up too soon

Google gave up on its game streaming service dream too soon. To recall, when Microsoft launched its Game Pass service, it was ridiculed for the same, but the company continued to persevere. Now, even though the service continues to make losses, it has become the market leader. No competitor is anywhere close to what the Xbox ecosystem has become. Even Sony is reportedly working on a similar service to take on Microsoft.

what could have happened?

While Stadia landed with a bang, Google could have pulled its socks tight to make it the market leader. Since its launch the service has been plagued by limited catalogues, deployment issues, and quality issues in terms of graphics. Also, the company didn’t even launch it globally, focusing on a much smaller market size (the service never even came to India). Developers have been actively abandoning the platform since then. Google seems to have sidelined the project, as it has closed its game development studio.

Google could have made some money by getting some big games and launching the service globally. This would have given a steady release of games to the public and slowly, many people would have been ready to use the service. But to retain customers, Google should have continued to improve the platform in aspects like graphics, latency, and more.

now what?

Now that Stadia is part of the Google cloud service, the company will double down on offering the technology to help third-party developers and other companies stream their games to their customers, essentially a B2C business. Instead of becoming a service provider.

A lot of players are currently fighting for the lion’s share of the game streaming pie, and someday a company may oust Microsoft from the top spot, but it may not be Google.

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