iPhone confiscation in Brazil is the new punishment for not including an in-box charger


Brazil has never been in favor of Apple’s decision to remove the power adapter, also known as the charger, from the iPhone retail box. After slapping heavy fines and blocking iPhone sales, Brazilian regulators have now found a new way to draw attention to Apple. Brazil’s Federal District ((Distrito Federal)) has now seized hundreds of iPhones from retail stores.

According to technoblog, Procon-DF launched a campaign to confiscate iPhones from various retail stores in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. The move, called ‘Operation Discharge’, is aimed at forcing Apple to comply with a local law that mandates smartphones to carry a charger in the retail box. The regulator seized iPhones from Apple Authorized Reseller stores and carrier stores. The body also ordered that any iPhone model that is being sold without an in-box charger should be banned.

Apple is contesting the Brazilian law in a local court, so after the regulator seized the iPhones, the company requested the government allow sales until the dispute is decided. Brazil banned the sale of the iPhone and fined Apple for immediately removing the charger from the box with the iPhone 12. Brazil’s continued efforts to get Apple to comply with the law have yielded no results. Instead, Apple removed the charger from the iPhone 11 box, which was previously used to carry the charger. And even after the seizure, Apple continues to sell the iPhone in Brazil, according to reports.

According to a report in MacMagazine, a Brazilian court judge has allowed Apple to continue selling iPhones in the country pending a final decision, saying the company is not violating any consumer rights. The judge also reprimanded the Brazilian regulator for “abusing its power” by blocking the sale of the iPhone. Because the judge favors, Apple says it’s confident it will emerge victorious from the case. Apple also said that customers are aware of the different ways to charge their phones. However, at the same time, Apple continued to provide customers in Brazil with a charging cable in the box of the recently launched Apple TV 4K, which is sold without a charger elsewhere.

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