iPhone 14 sending emergency alerts when users are on a rollercoaster


Apple’s new iPhone 14 has brought many new features. One of them is crash detection, which essentially alerts emergency services to your location when you are in a car accident. But it has a strange side. It is reportedly calling emergency number 911 in the US when an iPhone 14 user is enjoying his ride on a rollercoaster.

According to wall street journalThe crash detection feature on the iPhone 14 is sending law enforcement to amusement parks at times because the user was having all the fun on a rollercoaster. Functionality is reportedly mistaking the ride’s twists, turns and sudden braking for a car accident and sending a 911 team to the location.

new feature

The crash detection feature on the iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, Watch SE and Watch Ultra is part of iOS 16 and uses gyroscopic sensors and high-G accelerometers to determine car crashes. iPhone 14 sensors detect impact and alert emergency services. When calling law enforcement, the Crash Detection feature will play an audio message confirming to officers that you have been in a car accident. Along with this the location is also sent.

In the case of a rollercoaster, the iPhone 14 sensor would have detected the same effect during a car accident. In addition, audio recordings sent to authorities included screaming and loud music simulating a car accident.

How did this happen

As the WSJ reports, a user’s iPhone 14 tied to a rollercoaster at a Cincinnati amusement park sent a car crash alert by calling 911. The robotic voice on the call informed 911 operators that there was a serious accident and that the person was not responding. It’s important to note that Apple’s algorithms affirmatively stated that a crash had occurred, not that a serious accident could have occurred.

Past testing by WSJ journalist Joanna Stern showed that the crash detection feature isn’t reliable all the time, but it’s certainly efficient enough to ruin your fun while riding a rollercoaster. So the next time you’re heading to an amusement park and planning to jump on a rollercoaster, be sure to either leave your iPhone 14 behind or put your iPhone 14 on an airplane (network means no calls or SMS is not) or disable attribute.

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