IPhone 13 Series Leak Roundup: 25W Charger to Autofocus Ultra-Wide Camera and More

iPhone 13 series leak roundup: 25W charger, autofocus ultra-wide camera and more

With the possible launch date of the iPhone 13 series coming up, the rumor belt has been churning a lot on this next generation iPhones. From the initial renders of the small church iPhone to the details of its charging, we have come a long way in the journey of the iPhone 13. Apple has yet to reveal or hint at anything, but Tipstars won’t rest until it releases most of Apple’s next big iPhone.

If you’ve been following the rumors, it’s no surprise that Apple is re-planning the iPhone lineup of four models this year after the 2020 iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the next two Pro versions, while the vanilla models will replace the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini.

Instead of listing who published when and where, we’ve compiled a short list of all the iPhone 13 series we’ve listed so far.

IPhone 13 Series: What we know so far

Design: With the iPhone 13 series, Apple is redesigning the Basic iPhone X for the second year in a row next year. The flat edges and surfaces will be from the iPhone 12 series. The notorious bathtub groove shrinks on all models as Apple avoids the earpiece. Vanilla iPhone 13 models will see a rearranged rear camera in a bid to refresh the package.

Display: OAELD display technology will be carried from the iPhone 12 series. The standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will only see a small display groove. The Pro and Pro Max versions are expected to receive promotional technology with a 120Hz refresh rate. The LTPO display technology used for the iPhone 13 Pro model can always enable display functionality.

Source: MKBHD

Performance: Apple is expected to debut its next-gen A15 bionic platform in the iPhone 13 series. The chip will also support 5G and is expected to power the next iPhone SE. IOS 15 is already in testing, these phones could launch onboard with iOS 15.

Battery: The exact battery capacity for any of the iPhone 13 models is still unknown. However, the leaks suggest better battery life than the current genre of iPhone 12 models. In addition, a recent tip from Midrivers states that there will be support for 25W faster charging. Max Weinbach added that the Magsaf magnets will be stronger and the wireless charging coils will be larger for better efficiency and thermal heat management.

The camera: This is where the biggest upgrade is happening. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will get an autofocus ultra-wide camera that will make the iPhone easier to macro photograph. These Pro variants will enable better night photography with improved low light performance. The iPhone 13 Standard variants can get the same larger sensor from the iPhone 12 Pro Max with sensor shift stability with improved autofocus performance.

Expected Price:

IPhone 13 dummy

Image: Mac’s cult

The iPhone 12 series started at Rs 69,990 last year and Apple will likely continue the same pricing strategy for this year’s models. Some rumors suggest that the standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini may see lower prices than last year’s iPhone 12 series. Pro variants can see the prices go up courtesy of the answer to all the new bits that Apple is introducing. So, hopefully the iPhone 13 Pro will see a price tag of more than Rs 1,20,000.

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