IPhone 13 Review: Subtle changes make it a good deal

iPhone 13 review: Subtle changes make it a better deal

The iPhone 13 is a subtle upgrade compared to last year’s iPhone 12. Although there have been no major changes to the design, some sections have given examples of significant improvements, cameras and batteries.

The iPhone 13, no doubt, was one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and Apple certainly survived all the hype. From all-day battery life to low-light camera performance, the iPhone 13 offers much more at the same price as its predecessor.

We no longer get the 64GB storage model, which is completely understandable. After paying such a hefty price, surely no one wants to buy extra storage. Right?

The iPhone 13 starts with 128GB of storage, which comes on par with the iPhone 12 128GB model. In addition, Apple is offering a flat discount of Rs 6,000 for purchases with HDFC credit cards (for a limited time). The bank offer makes the deal even more enticing. Prices for the iPhone 13 start at Rs 79,900 and with the HDFC offer you will get the phone at a much lower price of Rs 73,900.

Now the question that arises here is – do you have to buy an iPhone 13? Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13? What’s good about the new iPhone and many more and what’s not so good. Read reviews to know everything about iPhone 13 and whether it is worth it.


Apple hasn’t changed as much in terms of design. The two notable changes that the iPhone 1 brings are the small notch and the camera sensor placed diagonally on the rear module. The device comes in five color options – (product) red, starlight, midnight, blue and pink. The one featured in the review is the pink option and this is one of my personal favorites.

The redesigned camera module looks better than what we get on the iPhone 12. The lenses are placed diagonally, which provides ample space for the LED flash. . The Apple logo sits in silver right in the middle of the back panel.

The design on the front of the iPhone 13 has certainly been much more exciting because the groove is significantly cut. This increases the size of the screen. While it’s nice to see Apple cut that wide notch, I personally would have preferred a notch-less iPhone as Android phones have come a long way in the competition.

IPhone 13, iPhone 13 review, iPhone 13 specs, iPhone 13 prices

It has long been rumored that the Cupertino tech giant is working on a notched iPhone. Most likely, Apple wants to get the groove-less design perfect before the official release, and so the delay. Maybe we can expect that the iPhone 14 – to be announced next year – will eventually be the iPhone without a notch. Until then let’s talk about iPhone 13.

The build quality of the iPhone 13 is absolutely “Apple” level. One hand phone is very comfortable to use. I personally prefer the size of the vanilla model compared to the professionals. Perhaps, if you have small hands like mine, you might like it more than anyone else.

I have noticed how light the iPhone 13 looks. Despite packing a large battery, the iPhone model feels extremely light in the hand. I compared the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 side by side and the new model felt a better balance.


The iPhone 13 provides a fantastic screen / viewing experience. The specification is the same as the predecessor. The only difference with the new model is the small notch. The cut-down groove certainly enhances the overall multimedia as well as the gaming experience. Does not interfere with the experience of seeing grooves at any time.

The screen of iPhone 1 of becomes bright enough in all light conditions. Indoors, a brightness level of about 50 percent works well for me. Indoors, the 100 percent brightness level seemed perfect for me. The viewing angle also looks pretty good. The iPhone 13 gives a good touch experience. Switching between applications or from one screen to another is extremely smooth and seamless.

IPhone 13, iPhone 13 review, iPhone 13 specs, iPhone 13 prices

This includes FaceID support, which works quite well most of the time. However, after updating to iOS 15.0.1, FaceID could not detect my face in some cases and I had to reset it a few times. Most likely, the issue will be fixed in the next iOS update.


The iPhone is never wrong in this category. The iPhone 13 is powered by Apple’s latest A15 bionic chipset with up to 512GB. It comes in three variants – 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. This time there is no 64GB storage model, for good.

I have been using the iPhone 1 13 as my primary device and the phone has never backed down. However, post the iOS 15 update, a few apps crashed and the screen froze. I believe Apple will fix these issues with the next iOS update.

Whether it’s switching between apps, making video calls, sending or receiving emails, browsing social media platforms or the internet, the iPhone 13 was able to easily handle it all.

IPhone 13, iPhone 13 review, iPhone 13 specs, iPhone 13 prices


I’ve always had a problem with Apple, and that’s about battery life. Cupertino tech giant has solved the problem with the iPhone 13.

I used the iPhone 13 for about 10 days for making voice and video calls, sending emails, chatting on WhatsApp, browsing social media, clicking lots of photos and much more. The iPhone lasted me about 1.5 days on a single charge. In fact, even when I watched a three-hour long movie, the iPhone 13 lasted easily for a full day with an average screen time of 8 hours 53 minutes.

IPhone 13, iPhone 13 review, iPhone 13 specs, iPhone 13 prices

The camera

Another big upgrade the iPhone 13 brings is low-performance camera performance. The iPhone has always struggled to take pictures in well-lit and detailed low light, but the new model is different and improved. The low-light photos clicked with the iPhone 13 contain a lot of detail and seem bright enough, no matter how light the situation.

Pictures clicked in daylight show great detail and color. The iPhone 13 gets the portrait shots just fine. The background is properly blurred and the edges look sharp. If you like your pictures to look natural then you are going to like the performance of iPhone 13 camera. For the rest, several filters are also available.

I also liked the cinematic video feature but in my 10 days of using the iPhone I haven’t had much use of it. Perhaps, this feature can come in handy for cinematographers or bloggers. Video mode obscures the background and focuses on the subject. The results look great with good details. The video option works quite well in both low light and daylight.

The front camera could have been better in my opinion. Clicked selfies in daylight and details are often missed in low light. If your hands are as restless as mine, you will most likely take vague selfies.

Sample of iPhone 13 camera//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Overall, the iPhone 13’s camera performance is good in all situations except the front camera.


The iPhone 13 is a pretty intelligent upgrade compared to its predecessor, including performance, display, camera, battery and more. Some of the best aspects of the iPhone 13 are – camera performance and battery. I also like how balanced the phone is. Despite packing a large battery, the iPhone 13 is extremely light and always feels comfortable to use.

Camera performance has greatly improved when compared to the iPhone 12, especially in low light. The performance of the front camera could have been better in my opinion. For performance and battery, the iPhone 13 shines, but iOS 15 software sometimes feels buggy. After upgrading to iOS 15, apps sometimes crash and the screen freezes. I believe these issues will be fixed in the next software version.

IPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12

One of the most interesting aspects of the iPhone 13 is its price. The iPhone 13 Base (128GB storage) model comes with the same price as the iPhone 12 128GB version, which makes it a better deal. Apple has slashed the price of the iPhone 12, and now it starts at Rs 59,990 for the 64GB model, while the 128GB and 256GB come to Rs 64,900 and Rs 74,900 respectively.

If you have budget constraints and you don’t want to spend Rs 80,000 to buy a phone, the iPhone 12 makes a great deal. Apple is offering extra discounts during the festive season, which makes the iPhone 12’s deal even better. Additionally, the technology giant is also offering free AirPods with the iPhone 12 series during the festive season.

But if you are an electricity user and want to buy an iPhone that provides a long lasting battery life, then the iPhone 13 is the best option right now. Compared to the iPhone 12, the iPhone offers better camera performance. Now the choice is yours!

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