IPhone 13 leaked: more expensive than iPhone 12, Face ID upgrade and much more

iPhone 13 leaks: Pricier than iPhone 12, Face ID upgrade and more

Over the months, we’ve seen a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding the upcoming iPhone 13 series, and as a matter of tradition, we’re expected to see more until it finally launches. We have a recent report that seems to be a sigh of relief for many iPhone users but also a problem for many.

If you think this problem is encountered by iPhone users when unlocking their devices, you are right. This problem can be solved soon. But, the problem may be its price.

More iPhone 13 details pop up

The iPhone 13 series is likely to be more expensive than the current iPhone 12 lineup, as suggested by a Digitimes The report said it was to balance the rising costs of chip production.

It is recommended that TSMC, Apple’s chip supplier, is expected to increase production costs by 20 percent. It is likely to be effective from January 2022. As a result, upcoming iPhones can be expensive. More smartphone makers could also be affected, instead, affecting end consumers.

To come to the interesting point, renowned Lexter John Prosser has suggested that Apple has created a new Face ID hardware, which will allow you to unlock the iPhone even if you wear a mask or glasses. For this, a prototype case has been created for the iPhone 12 to run the test.

It is learned that it is being tested by the employees of the company in different situations. However, they still need to set up Face ID without masks or glasses.

Photo: John Prosser

The Face ID array is different from the iPhone 13 seen in the current iPhone, which indicates that it is similar to the iPhone 13. The position of the front camera has changed and there is also a new sensor. It can bypass the iPhone 12 face array.

Since this is a prototype, there is no word on whether this upgrade will be included in the 2021 iPhone or for the future. That said, considering the front camera setup seen in the leaked iPhone 13 renders, it could be available with the new iPhone. However, we don’t know if this functionality will reach older iPhone models.

To recall, the iPhone 13 is expected to come with an advanced camera, large battery, a small notch, an A15 bionic chip, iOS 15 and more. Apple products are expected after its launch, including AirPods 3, the new Mac and more.

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