Instagram’s new feature aims to keep you safe from hacking via WhatsApp 2FA

Instagram's new feature aims to keep you safe from hacking, 2FA via WhatsApp underway

Instagram wants to keep your accounts secure. This, the social media platform ensures with the help of new security checkup feature which will provide you a way to recover their accounts if compromised.

It will include a guide through several steps to ensure that the account is finally secure. Instagram reminds you of a few more steps you can take to keep yourself safe. See options here.

Instagram introduces new security features

Instagram’s security checkup involves tracking login activity, profile details, login information sharing accounts and account retrieval details such as phone numbers and emails.

This is a way to manage the details you share with Instagram and correct them if they are incorrect.

In addition, Instagram highlights all the security features to help keep your accounts secure. These are suggested steps that can be followed.

First, you must enable double-digit authentication through settings so that unwanted people do not login to your Instagram. It has been revealed that Instagram will soon allow you to use their WhatsApp for the 2FA process, as previously rumored. It tells you to enable login requests and monitor login activity through settings.

The Facebook-owned platform asks you to update their phone number or email ID to make it easier to recover an account if something goes wrong. It raises awareness about spam and malicious DMs that are transmitted to users to gain access to sensitive details. These mails try to extract such details by threatening people. It’s worth noting that Instagram doesn’t send people DM and if you get one, just report it.

Speaking of reports, it’s safe to report suspicious accounts if you see them. Also, Instagram has tried to improve the Update Support Inbox to keep you up to date with the latest details of the report filed.

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