Instagram will start asking some users about their race and ethnicity: Adam Mosseri


Instagram has announced that it will be asking select users in the US about their ethnicity and race “to better understand the different experiences people have on Instagram”. Instagram will randomly show users an optional survey where they can share this information. The announcement was made by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri on Twitter.

Instagram may ask about your race, ethnicity

The survey, hosted by research group YouGov, will collect a random assortment of data from users on the platform. The photo-sharing app will not be able to link people or their accounts to their responses to the survey. Specifically, answering these questions is optional for everyone.

Additionally, Instagram assures that their answers “will not limit your experience on Instagram, including your reach or affect how people engage with your content in any way”.

According to the company’s blog, “This information will allow us to better understand the experiences of different communities on Instagram, how our technology may affect different groups, and what changes we can do to promote fairness, if any.” can.”

According to Instagram, answering surveys will not limit user experiences, including their reach and how people engage with their content.

Instagram has further clarified that “no” and “no” survey responses will be used in the company’s advertising system. This data will not be stored with partner institutions as they will be deleted by YouGov after 30 days and “on request by Texas Southern University, University of Central Florida, Northeastern University, and Oasis Labs.”

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