Instagram will show more posts from accounts you don’t follow: Zuckerberg


The Instagram algorithm and interface have come a long way since its launch. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced his plans for what your Instagram feed will look like in the future. Lately, you may have seen posts and reels from users you don’t even follow on your feed. Zuckerberg says you’ll see more of this in the coming months.

Instagram to show more content from users you don’t follow

According to the company’s CEO, the social media platform has decided to double the amount of content from recommended accounts that users will see on their Instagram and Facebook feeds by the end of 2023. Right now, this kind of content is about 15 percent on Facebook. And it has been confirmed to be high on Instagram.

There is a possibility that this algorithm may not be readily accepted by people, as they may not be interested in the content of people they do not follow. In the second quarter earnings call, Meta clarified that “Al finds additional content that people find interesting, which drives engagement and the quality of our feed.” This Recommended Content will include photos or links publicly shared by people on the Platform.

Zuckerberg said, “In that sense, I think what we’re doing is going to be pretty unique. I don’t think people would want to be constrained to one format.

Recently, the algorithm has been criticized by the most followed woman on the internet, Kylie Jenner because her Instagram feed is full of short videos just like TikTok. To this, Adam Mosseri, head of the Meta-owned platform, shared a video explaining the recent changes to the platform and said that it will become more video-centric over time.

For those unaware, for the first time ever, Facebook reported a 1 percent drop to $28.8 billion in its revenue in the second quarter. It is predicted that the third quarter will be even more difficult. Notably, the Reality Labs division, which was handling the Metaverse project, lost $2.8 billion in the quarter.

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