Instagram vows to revamp ranking system to ‘give more importance to original content’


Instagram is revamping its ranking algorithm. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in a post on Twitter that the image and video sharing platform is tweaking its algorithms to give more importance to original content.

“If you build something from scratch, you deserve more credit than if you repurpose something you got from someone else,” Mosseri said in the video. “We’re going to try to give more importance to original content than reposted content in particular,” he said.

In the 1.46-minute-long video, Mosseri said that Instagram’s algorithm will “give more importance to original content” than reposted or re-shared content. While he did not elaborate on how the meta-owned platform would give more “value” to original content, Mosseri said in a follow-up tweet that it was difficult to identify originality. “The idea is that if you made it, it’s original. It’s okay if you edited it outside of Instagram and then brought it up through the gallery. It’s hard to identify “originality,” however, so We will repeat this with time,” he said.

As of now, it is not clear how Instagram will give more importance to original content. Perhaps the company will identify and highlight original content as users scroll through Instagram’s default algorithmic feed. The change is unlikely to affect the chronological feed within the Platform.

It is worth noting that Instagram offers its users two chronological feed options – Following and Favorites. The following feed option shows users posts from everyone they follow. On the other hand, the Favorites Feed option shows users the latest posts from the accounts they choose. Users can add up to 50 accounts to their favorites list, which can be changed at any time.

what else?

In addition to tweaking its algorithms, Instagram is also making changes to product tags and advanced tags. In the video, the Instagram chief said that product tags will now be available to everyone around the world to draw attention to a manufacturer, product or company. With the enhancements to Enhanced Tags, Instagram users will be able to tag a product category as they tag a product or company or manufacturer in their posts.

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