Instagram rolls out product-tagging feature for users in the US: How it works


Instagram will now allow all users to tag products on the platform. Now available to users in the US, this feature was previously limited to a business or manufacturer account. The company has promised to roll it out to other countries “in the next few months”. Tagging products on the platform will enable users to shop more easily, which will benefit the business as well.

Business owners will now receive a notification whenever someone tags their product on a post. All these tagged posts will appear in one place on their profile. Brands also have the ability to decide who can first tag their products in Settings.

If you want to tag a product in your post, all you need to do is select the related video or photo, add a caption, and then tap the “Next” button. First, you need to tag the brand to see if the required product tag is available. After tagging a brand, tap “Tag Products” and look for the required product tags and select them to post. You can tag more than one product in your post.


Users will be able to simply tap on the product and be redirected to a trackable link or in the app itself where you can make a purchase. Instagram is also testing an affiliate program for select users to potentially monetize the sales they convert. Chances are users will be paid a commission for tagging the products.

As for Unverse, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a blog post that Instagram is introducing two new feed options called ‘Favorites’ and ‘Following’, which will enable users to view posts from specific accounts in a chronological manner. The first feed option is called ‘Following’ and it shows users posts from all the people they follow.

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