Instagram pulls the plug on its standalone IGTV app


Instagram has announced that it will soon stop supporting the IGTV app so that it can keep all videos in the mainstream app. according to this company blog“As part of our efforts to make videos as simple as possible to find and create, we will no longer support our standalone app for IGTV. Instead, we will focus on keeping all videos on the main . instagram application.”

Instagram has also announced that all videos on the main app, including Reel, will have a full-screen viewer and a tap-to-mute option. Additionally, Instagram “also plans to test a new advertising experience on Instagram that will allow creators to earn revenue from ads displayed on their reels” later this year. According to the blog, “We are also working to create a coherent way to share your videos, bringing together creation tools and offering new ways to discover content.”

Since the app will no longer support IGTV videos, Instagram has assured that “creators who actively monetize with in-stream video ads will receive a temporary monthly payment based on recent earnings.”

At the time of writing this story, the IGTV app was available for download on the Google Play Store.

For Unverse, IGTV was launched as a competitor to YouTube, later the social media platform launched a standalone app for the same. By turning off IGTV, ads appearing on ads will also move to the reels.

As for the unversed, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently announced that the company is not planning to launch a dedicated Instagram app for the iPad, as was previously rumored. The Instagram head explained the reason why a dedicated iPad app isn’t in Meta’s menu yet. “Each Surface adds up on the top; we support iOS, Android, www, and IG Lite, and Android is the biggest,” Mosseri said in the same tweet, adding that “we’re leaner than you think”. He was responding to a question by Marques Brownlee in which he asked why there was no iPad app for Instagram in 2022.

Instagram pulled the plug on its standalone IGTV app which first appeared on BGR India.

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