Instagram plans to launch new tools to keep teenagers away from bad content

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After Facebook’s whistleblower Frances Hausen’s company’s services hurt children’s self-esteem and incited human trafficking, the parent company-backed Instagram is now wary of the issue.

According to a report, Instagram will soon launch two new tools to protect adolescents from harmful content, which could have a negative impact on adolescents’ mental health after the whistleblower testified before the US Congress last week.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, appeared on CNN’s State of the Union show on Sunday and said the photo-sharing platform would launch a “take a break” feature and keep teenagers away from bad content.

“We’re going to introduce something that I think will make a big difference, where our systems see that a teenager is looking at the same content over and over again, and it’s a content that may not be conducive to their well-being. I want to, ”Clegg said.

The platform plans to launch a feature called “Take a break”, where “we will ask teens to just take a break from using Instagram”, he added.

Clegg, however, did not provide a timeline for the new tools. Within three hours of Congress taking evidence, Hausen accused Facebook of deliberately refusing to change its algorithm because it puts “profits” in front of people.

“Kids who are bullied on Instagram are raped in their homes. It follows them into their bedroom. The last thing they see before they go to bed at night is that someone is being cruel to them, “Hagen said.

He highlights an internal view of common “friction” that will cool Facebook’s “toxic” and “divisive” algorithms that are removing teens and vulnerable populations from the mountains on the world’s largest social networking platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg later posted his company’s stern defense in a note addressed to employees, saying Hagen’s claim about the negative impact of social networks on society “makes no sense”.

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