Instagram now lets you multitask as you DM your friends


Instagram has released a major update on its platform. The update brings seven new features to the photo and video sharing platform, including the ability to share a direct message or a DM with a friend while users keep scrolling through the feed. In addition, Instagram is also bringing the ability to share a brief preview of music with friends’ DMs from Apple Music and Amazon Prime. So let’s know about all the new features coming to Instagram:

Reply while browsing: As mentioned earlier, this feature enables users to reply to a message that they received while browsing the feed. All this happens without users losing track of the post they were checking out. The image shared by Instagram shows that when users reply to a message while scrolling through the feed, it will blur out the post in the background and appear at the top of the message window while the message bar responds to users. To give will appear below. ,

Quick send to friends: With its latest update, Instagram is making it easy for users to re-share posts with their friends without losing track of where they were in the feed. Instagram says users can easily re-share the post to your close friends by tapping and holding the share button.

See who’s online: To make it easier for users to chat with friends on Instagram, the company will now show who is free to chat at the time at the top of users’ inboxes.

Image: Instagram

Play, Pause and Replay: Instagram will now allow users to share a 30-second preview of a song with their friends directly in the chat. The feature is powered by Apple Music and Amazon Music and will soon support Spotify.

Send message silently: Now Instagram users will be able to send messages without notifying them by adding “@silent” to their messages when they are late at night or busy. This shortcut will message without any notification. Meta is bringing similar functionality to Messenger with the ‘/silent’ shortcut.

Put it on Lo-Fi: Additionally, the photo and video sharing app is bringing a new lo-fi chat theme to make users’ conversations feel more personal.

Create a poll with friends: Finally, Instagram will now allow users to create polls directly in group chats.

As far as availability is concerned, Instagram said that it is bringing these features to select countries at this time and it plans to roll it out to users around the world soon.

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