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Instagram lets you restrict offensive comments and DMs from strangers

Instagram to let you limit abusive comments, DMs from unknown people

With several instances of sending hateful messages and commenting in recent times, Instagram has taken a step forward to limit hateful behavior on its platform. From today, Instagram will allow you to restrict unwanted and hateful comments and messages to your account. The idea is to restrict abusive comments and messages to posts as well as DMs. The feature is available to everyone worldwide.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure everyone feels safe when we’re on Instagram. We do not allow hate speech or rape on Instagram and we remove it whenever we find it. We want to protect people from this abuse first, which is why we’re constantly listening to the opinions of experts and our community, and developing new features so that people can gain more control over their experiences on Instagram and help protect them from abuse. ” Says.

Insta lets you limit unwanted people


One of the key features is restriction, which will automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow you, or who have recently followed you (within a week). The feature has been created keeping in mind the manufacturers and public figures. You can turn it on or off from the privacy settings.

“We’ve seen this since the recent Euro 2020 final, which has led to a significant and unacceptable increase in racist abuse of players. The producers also told us that they don’t want to stop comments and messages altogether; The limit lets you hear from your long-term followers, restricts contact with people who are just coming to notice you on your account, “says Instagram.

A stronger warning

You already see a mild warning when making offensive comments on social media posts. Instagram will now show users more powerful messages when it detects something offensive in your comments. The app will warn against racist language, and it will inform you about hiding from others.

Prevent abuse in DM and comments

The Insta Hidden Words feature is expanding to all countries later this month. The feature “Allows you to automatically filter out offensive words, phrases and emojis in a hidden folder, which you never have to open unless you want to. It filters out DM requests that may be spammy or inferior.

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