Instagram is taking steps to help keep people safe in Ukraine and Russia: Here’s how


As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, tech majors are also rallying in support of Ukraine, shutting down sales, services and more. Now, Meta-owned Instagram has started hiding follower information for private accounts in Russia and Ukraine.

Meta announced the change via a blog post, saying that it is “hiding information about people’s followers, who they are following, and people who share each other’s access to private accounts located in these two countries.” are following.” The decision has been made to help reduce the spread of misinformation and keep people in Ukraine and Russia safe.

The company has also started highlighting various tools like downloading your activity and your information for users in both the countries. These features will allow people to bulk delete the content they post and download a copy of all of their Instagram data locally.

In addition, the company also announced the rollout of the new label, which users will see in Stories with a link sticker pointing to a Russian state-controlled media website. The labels would be placed at the bottom of the Stories tray, letting people know that these lead to Russian state-controlled media websites.

All these changes are in addition to previously announced moves by the social media group, where it is demoting content from accounts run by Russian state-controlled media, making it harder to find. It is also showing users a notice before re-sharing the content of these accounts in their stories. The company also claims to not recommend posts from Russian state-controlled media accounts in Explore and Reels, as well as making such accounts very difficult to find in search.

Similar steps were taken by Facebook, which has already been blocked from access in the country by the Russian government. Instagram is also taking the same route and is also taking the risk of being blocked by the government.

Steps taken by Instagram to help keep people safe in Ukraine and Russia: Here’s how it first appeared on BGR India.

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