Instagram debuts ‘Broadcast Channels’, Facebook and Messenger will soon get channels


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the ‘Broadcast Channel’ on Instagram. Broadcast channels are channels like Telegram that allow you to share important information with your followers.

Meta is currently testing the feature with select creators in the US and will be rolling it out to others soon. Subsequently, the channels will also reach other Meta-owned apps such as Facebook and Messenger.

Instagram Broadcast Channels are nothing but Telegram Channels

Meta published a blog post on Thursday announcing the new Broadcast channel for Instagram. Broadcast channels are for creators and accounts who want to share information with their followers.

Mark Zuckerberg himself created a channel on Instagram to demo it. The Instagram Broadcast channel lets you share information in text, photos, videos, and even voice notes. People who are connected to the channel can react to the information shared, but they cannot reply or react.

In addition, the ‘Broadcast Channel’ producer can also post polls where people can vote. This would be helpful, for example, to singers or bands who want to choose the next city for their concert.

It looks exactly like a Telegram channel. However, unlike Telegram, Instagram is a full-fledged social media app.

On Instagram, if a creator you follow creates their first channel, you’ll get a one-time notification allowing you to join their channel. Then, you can join the channel to get all the updates.

You do not need to join the channel if you are not interested, but you will not receive any updates from the creator in the channel and you cannot react to the information shared.

“Once a creator has access to broadcast channels and sends the first message from their Instagram inbox, their followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Anyone can search the broadcast channel and view the content, but followers who join the channel will receive notifications when updates are made,” noted Meta. blog post,

As stated above, this feature will soon roll out to more users in the coming months. After this this feature will come on Facebook and Messenger.

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