Insta360 One RS with 4K Boost lens, modular setup launched: Price, specs, availability


Insta360 One RS, the versatile action camera has been officially announced. The successor to the modular One R Action/360 Cam, the new camera comes with a decent upgrade and a few changes to the mounting system.

Insta 360 One RS Price

As per the brand, the new Insta 360 will offer versatility when it comes to hardware and user experience. The One RS is available starting Tuesday for $549.99 (approximately Rs.40,000) for a twin version with 360 lens and 4K Boost lens. The company has added other packages like a 1-inch lens for the same price, and a second variant with a 4K Boost lens for just $299.99 (roughly Rs. 22,900).

Insta 360 One RS Specifications

The major upgrade to the new Insta camera is the new 4K Boost lens with an “advanced 1/2-inch 48MP image sensor”. The 4K Boost lens, which is the regular action-camera lens part of the system, offers a slightly sharper f/2.4 aperture, a higher maximum ISO. It also has a lens as wide as a 16mm full-frame. Other aspects include Active HDR which improves video stabilization, capturing video at 4K resolution at up to 60fps. The lens is capable of shooting 48-megapixel stills.

Moving on, the One RS comes with 360 lenses that can be used while on the go. The camera can shoot 360-degrees at 5.7K res and enables users to export video shots from multiple angles. The 360 ‚Äč‚Äčlens is designed in such a way that the selfie stick does not pop up while capturing the footage. The brand says the camera’s built-in “flowstate” stabilization has now been refined. This includes new plastic and foam pieces to protect the microphone from ambient noise to improve audio. The core of the camera gets Wi-Fi connectivity, which, according to Insta360, will be 50 percent faster. A quick menu is available that will allow to switch between modes smoothly. Courtesy of the modular design the new lens and core will be compatible with the previous iteration.

The One RS has IPX8 waterproofing and can withstand being submerged up to sixteen feet. Additionally, the Action Camera offers a quick reader accessory that allows users to plug in the One RS to save files to an SD card, plugging it into a smartphone for editing on the Insta360 app. In terms of availability, the Insta360 One RS can be purchased through and select retailers globally.

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