Inox’s Amplix sound technology launched in Mumbai: Here’s how it can impact your movie watching experience


INOX last week launched AmpliX Audio sound technology for theatres. AmpliX Seat Audio is the country’s first premium sound format that promises a 360 degree surround sound experience.

What is AmpliX in INOX and how does it work?

As you might guess from the name, AmpliX is basically the sound coming from the theater seats. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? To delve deeper, I visited the country’s largest INOX theater which is located in Malad’s Inorbit Mall in Mumbai.

Amplix is ​​currently available only at INOX Megaplex in Mumbai, which is said to be the multiplex with the largest number of movie viewing formats.

While Megaplex multiplexes have multiple cinema viewing formats such as ScreenX, MX4D, Laser and others, AmpliX seat audio is another experience the company plans to offer to its customers.

However, this is a different and quite interesting one, especially if you are a movie buff or someone who is into surround sound or Dolby. Though brief, I experienced the AmpliX seat audio in the Audi 5, which is the only screen where you’ll find AmpliX in a multiplex.


Entering the Audi 5, I noticed the special seats that had AmpliX sound. These seats are in the fifth row. The entire fifth row has seats with AmpleX audio.

These seats have four speakers, two at the top (right below your shoulders), one in the middle (right where your back touches), and two at the bottom (where you sit).

Now, with the help of these speakers, the sound is amplified so that you feel the major vibrations, which are generated with the sound of the movie playing in the theatre.

That being said, AmpliX Seat Audio is secondary sound that complements the movie sound. Inox says that they have developed an algorithm that syncs the on-screen audio with the seat audio to give a 3D effect. So, Dolby Atmos sound from the speakers in the theater, as well as AmpliX seat sound.

Being a secondary sound, you can turn it off at any time by pressing a button, which is located near the handrests of the seat.

What difference does it make?

What has been said, does it matter? Well, it does to some extent.

I experienced the audio with half a dozen trailers from various genres played on the screen. Some Bollywood trailers like Bhola, An Action Hero, and Pathan, some Hollywood trailers like Avatar 2, Megan and my favorite Harry Potter started from the run.

To get a feel for the technology and understand the change, I first watched content without AmpliX Audio with the speakers turned off.

Then I turned it on and immediately noticed that the audio was amplified somewhat, as Shah Rukh was near my ears.

Enhanced audio, just? In addition to the overall audio enhancement, the effects were more pronounced in various scenes such as fight scenes and music. Even when the scene was quiet, I was able to hear ambient sounds from the movie.

Once you have AmpliX sound on, there’s no going back. That’s because you’re already spoiled with 360-degree sound, and turning it off will make you feel like part of the speaker isn’t working.

However, if you are an audiophile, these might be all you need are some extra speakers that act as audio enhancers. But for regular consumers or movie buffs, the technology can give you something different and a better experience, even if there are only a select few genres of movies.

Not that expensive, but getting a seat can be difficult

What’s surprising to me is that the seats with AmpliX audio aren’t that expensive. Inox AVP Puneet Gupta said that the price of AmpliX Special seats is in line with the price of upper row seats in the theatre. If the top-row seats cost Rs 240, then the Amplix seats will cost the same.

amplex seats

As far as the availability is concerned, it is not easy to find AmpleX seats for yourself. Firstly, it is currently available only in a single multiplex in Mumbai. Also, there is only one Audi, the Audi 5, that has AmpliX seats. That’s why you might have a hard time getting AmpliX seats for yourself.

However, INOX plans to introduce the technology in more multiplexes across India. The next cities to get AmpliX seats will be Indore and New Delhi.

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