Indus Pre-registrations To Cross One Million, Community Playtest 3 Date Revealed


Supergaming’s Indus Battle Royale went up for pre-registration on the Play Store for Android some time back. Earlier this month, the company revealed that the game had crossed 500,000 pre-registrations on the Play Store, while also revealing the pre-registration rewards.

Now, in just a matter of weeks, the game’s pre-registrations are about to cross the one million mark. To mark the occasion, Supergaming has revealed the date for the next Community Playtest. It has also revealed several improvements to be made to the game ahead of the Playtest.

Indus Battle Royale Community Playtest date is up

Prior to the game’s release, Supergaming is testing it and polishing it for final release. The company has been conducting community playtests of the game, and now, it is gearing up for a third community playtest.

The Community Playtest 03 will be organized on 25 February at White Orange Software in Surat. The community playtest in Surat will give players access to the latest build of the game. Players will be able to play games with the developers and community members of Indus.

The game has undergone a number of changes based on feedback from previous community playtests. For the unversed, the last community playtest was held in Bengaluru in November.

The new build that players will be able to play in Community Playtest 3 includes the following improvements and changes.

  • Better graphics and smoother visuals
  • New playable Paragon (characters)
  • new paragon skins
  • new weapons
  • map correction
  • mini-map upgrade
  • slide facility
  • optimization control
  • supply falls
  • Weapon Test Facility (to try before landing on the Rarelok map)

Furthermore, Indus will soon go for pre-registration on iOS devices, as confirmed by the company.

Indus will be a Made-in-India game that will provide a battle royale experience. It will have a floating island map named Virlok. The game will be free-of-cost and will be launched on mobile, PC and console.

The upcoming Indian game COD will go up against Warzone Mobile, PUBG New State, Valorant and others. In case you’re wondering about Apex Legends, the game is due out for mobile devices later this year.

Plus, Riot’s Valorant is set to launch a mobile port soon. Considering the popularity of Valorant on PC, Indus certainly has tough competition.

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