IndiGo flight caught fire in passenger’s smartphone due to faulty battery


In another case of battery failure, a passenger’s smartphone caught fire on an IndiGo flight from Dibrugarh to Delhi on Thursday. However, the cabin crew with the help of fire brigade soon brought the fire under control. Neither the fire extinguisher nor the cabin crew were injured as a result of the incident.

As per reports, IndiGo flight 6E 2037 was on its way from Dibrugarh to Delhi when a cabin crew member noticed sparks and smoke coming out of a passenger’s phone. The cabin crew got to their feet and the fire was quickly extinguished using a fire extinguisher on board. The aircraft landed safely at the Delhi airport at around 12:45 pm on Thursday.

Reacting to the incident, IndiGo said that the incident occurred due to abnormally heating of the battery of the phone. “There was an incident of abnormally heating of the mobile device battery on Dibrugarh to Delhi flight 6E 2037. The crew is trained to manage all dangerous incidents and they managed the situation quickly. There was no damage to any passengers or property on board,” the company said in a statement.

Other details about the smartphone are still unknown.

Notably, this is not the first time that a smartphone battery has caught fire on a flight. Back in 2016, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was in the news for a series of incidents in which the phone caught fire in a flight. Similarly, last year, a Samsung Galaxy A21 caught fire on an Alaska Airlines flight bound for Seattle.

Recently, the OnePlus Nord 2 has been in the news for catching fire. There have been many incidents in which the phone caught fire due to which the users got burnt. The most recent incident happened last month in which a Twitter user, Lakshya Verma, had his hands blown off while making a call on his OnePlus Nord 2 phone.

First appeared on BGR India after a passenger’s smartphone caught fire due to a faulty battery on an IndiGo flight.

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