Indian government to make tech giants pay publishers for news and original content


The Indian government may soon announce some changes for big tech companies that use content from local Indian publishers. Brands that will be covered under this new announcement could include Google, Meta, Twitter and even Amazon. A report suggests that these mega tech companies will be asked to share revenue for the original content produced by these publications.

As of now, tech companies are not paying news platforms and publishing houses for the use of their content. The lack of legislation has helped tech companies avoid paying a hefty share in revenue. The move by the Indian government is expected to boost revenue streams for struggling publishing houses.

With advertising revenue in check, the big tech companies manage to make the most of it by taking the lion’s share of the revenue. According to a report in TOI, Minister of State for IT and Electronics Rajiv Chandrashekhar claimed that the government is seriously considering making new rules to correct the imbalance in the current situation.

Chandrashekhar told TOI, “The market power over digital advertising that is currently being exercised by big tech giants, which puts Indian media companies at a disadvantage, is an issue that needs to be addressed with the new legalization and regulations. The matter is being seriously investigated. ,

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that benefits from a constant flow of news from major as well as smaller regional publications. Google News is also another platform that brings together the content of various publications. Mega Search Engine also offers a personalized curation of news in the form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

The Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) claims that over 50 percent of traffic to news websites is routed through Google. And Google isn’t very transparent about how it ranks some publications over others. Changes in algorithms are also mostly kept secret.

Australia and France are two countries that have already set a precedent in offering legislation that supports news organisations. Both countries have already implemented new legislation that allows news organizations to receive a share of revenue from big tech giants like Meta and Google for the use of their content. The UK and Canada are also two countries trying to implement similar laws.

The Indian government’s post asking tech giants to pay publishers for news and original content first appeared on BGR India.

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