Indian EV company Zypp Electric to train 3,000 women as delivery partners


EV logistics company, Zypp Electric has announced that it will increase the overall delivery-partner strength to 25,000. The company plans to hire and train 3,000 women as delivery partners by the end of 2022. Zypp said in a statement that it will focus on training women to ride EVs and serve them as delivery partners in an otherwise male-dominated profession. Zypp currently has 3,000 delivery riders on the road, and plans to expand into the last mile delivery market.

According to Zypp, the company will ensure that female delivery partners get priority over other roles and responsibilities. They will be offered flexible working shifts. The EV company has a pilot-friendly clause, where the vehicle fare is waived off if the pilot is present for 28 days in a month. The company also claims to be working on a long-term goal of having at least 50% of the total workforce as women.

Rashi Aggarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Zypp Electric said, “Being a working woman for 16 years, I understand the importance of financial independence. Through Zypp, I have created a domain for myself and my aim is to create equal opportunities for women in this sunrise sector. I believe that an inclusive future is the only sustainable future in any sector. As women continue to be an integral part of the industry, it is important to set aside gender biases and work the groundwork for women in male-dominated roles such as riders at Zypp or in the technology team. We are committed to create equal opportunities for both men and women by providing them a platform to transform their lives.”

Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Zypp Electric said, “EVS will create a new opportunity for female driver partners to enter the gig delivery workforce as the e-scooters are easy to drive and have gearless controls with speed calibration Which is simple and easy. Comfortable to learn and drive around the city for all genders. Coupled with Zypp technology backed charging infrastructure and app based maintenance support, it comes with easy rental plans for the entire delivery partner ecosystem To go electric will be a smoother ride.”

Indian EV company Zypp Electric, which has trained 3,000 women as delivery partners, first appeared on BGR India.

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