Indian app Ku to offer WhatsApp group-like feature: Report

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Microblogging platform Ku is coming forward with some features like WhatsApp. The company aims to create new experiences to attract more users within the Indian community. Ku’s CEO, Aparmay Radhakishan revealed his plans for the coming months with two important features.

Radhakrishna revealed that the Indian microblogging platform that rivals Twitter will launch a new WhatsApp group-like feature. The platform will also unveil a new live video feature, a . According to report good by The Economic Times. In addition, the platform plans to set up an advisory board with former bureaucrats, journalists and other personalities to handle situations revolving around hate speech and freedom of speech.

Radhakrishna shared that in 2021, Ku got more adoptions from the Indian community. There are currently 5000 verified accounts of ‘reputable’ people on this platform. These include from Bollywood celebrities to politicians. While the app has managed to register a total of 20 million downloads so far, it plans to increase that number to 100 million downloads.

whatsapp group feature

The CEO of Koo said that they are working on an open community experience that will be like a WhatsApp group. How it will be different is that no known phone number is required to join this community based group chat. Users will be able to talk within a community with a similar interest.

video live

Ku will also be working on a video live feature. The app is expected to launch this feature initially for key account holders. The user will be able to stream videos in specific rooms.

launch timeline

The platform is expected to launch WhatsApp group-like chats in the first quarter of this year. While the live video feature is expected to be available by April.

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