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India records over 300 million malware attacks daily: Report


India recorded a total virus count of 37,697,022, which was more than 4,18,000 viruses per day in the fourth quarter of 2022, a new report showed on Monday.

According to cyber security company Fortinet, India alone contributed 5.81 per cent of the global virus count in the last quarter.

“In the second half of 2022, drive-by compromise topped the list across India as the most common malware distribution approach. In this method, attackers gain access to victims’ systems while browsing online and make them download malicious payloads.

“To protect against these advanced persistent cybercrime tactics, organizations must deploy real-time machine learning-powered coordinated and actionable threat intelligence across all security tools to detect suspicious actions and initiate coordinated mitigation across the extended attack surface.” The focus needs to be on enabling information.” ,

Furthermore, the report states that bad actors always seek to maximize their existing investments and knowledge in attack attempts.

Botnets and malware code reuse are efficient, cost-effective ways for criminals to build on successful attack vectors while iteratively making changes and fine-tuning their attacks.

The total number of botnets in India stood at 204,554,825, with over 2.2 million bots per day in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The report mentioned that India accounted for 4.72 per cent of the botnets hacked globally in the last quarter.

The Mirai and Gh0st RAT bots remain popular in India, yet only Rotazakiro in the top five is from the current decade.

The total number of exploits in India in the last quarter stood at 27,328,691,045, which is a cut of over 303 million exploits per day.

Exploits targeting Indian networks accounted for 4.35 percent of the total global exploits.


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