India prepares for 6G rollout as PM Modi announces R&D test-bed facility


Within six months of the rollout of 5G, the Indian government on Wednesday announced its first attempt to make the future-generation wireless communication standard 6G available in the country at the earliest. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘India 6G Vision Document’ as well as the 6G Research and Development (R&D) test-bed facility at Vigyan Bhawan during the inauguration ceremony of the new International Telecommunication Union (ITU) field office and innovation centre.

“Within six months of 5G, we are already talking about 6G technology. This shows India’s confidence.

India wants to be at par with other countries who have already started working towards 6G technology. With the 5G rollout, the Indian government was able to narrow the gap between the timing of deployment of new wireless communication technology in different countries. For India, telecom technology is not just an instrument of power but a mission to empower. Modi informed the gathering that India rolled out 5G connections in more than 125 cities within 120 days and similarly India will set up 100 5G labs in the coming years.

Noting that India’s 5G standards are part of the global 5G system, the Prime Minister said that India will work closely with ITU to standardize future technologies. Modi underlined that the new Indian ITU field office will also help create the right environment for 6G.

He announced that the World Telecom Standardization Assembly of ITU would be held in Delhi in October next year where delegates from all over the world would come to India.

India signed a host country agreement with ITU in March 2022 for setting up a regional office. It will serve India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and Iran, enhancing coordination among nations and promoting mutually beneficial economic cooperation in the region.

Modi also said that bridging regional divisions is one of the key priority areas for India during its chairmanship of the G20. “Today, when India is chairing the G20, one of our priorities is to reduce regional divisions. The Global South is making major strides in bridging the technological divide,” the Prime Minister said on the occasion, adding that the ITU Region Offices and Innovation Centers will also play an important role in this.

He further added that more than Rs 800 crore UPI-based digital payments are done every month in India and more than seven crore e-authentication happens every day. Direct Benefit Transfer,” he said.

– Written with inputs from IANS

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