India plans to soon introduce safety rating system for passenger cars


India will introduce a safety rating system for passenger cars – a measure that will encourage manufacturers to provide advanced safety features and boost the “exportability” of vehicles produced in the country.

The road transport ministry said in a statement that it would assign a rating of one to five stars to the cars, based on tests assessing the safety of adults and children, as well as safety aid technologies.

The new system is expected to be implemented in April 2023.

India, which has some of the deadliest roads in the world, has also proposed mandating that all passenger cars have six air bags, despite resistance from some carmakers who say it will increase the cost of vehicles. Current regulations call for two airbags – one for the driver and the other for the front passenger.

India is the fifth largest car market in the world, with annual sales of around 3 million units. Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor, owned by Suzuki Motor of Japan, are the largest selling automakers.

— Reuters

The first appeared on BGR India soon after India’s plan to introduce a safety rating system for passenger cars.

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