Huge Internet Outage: Zomato, Paytm, Disney + Hotstar, PSN and more services were shut down

Fixed broadband, mobile internet speeds in India improved in June too, reveals Ookla

As of early Thursday, much of the Internet was down for many users around the world, including services like Zomato, Paytm, Disney + Hotstar, Sony LIV, PlayStation Network (PSN). These services were down for more than an hour and are now back on track and working perfectly fine.

During the scattering, thousands and thousands of users took to the microblogging site Twitter to complain about the problems they were facing. About an hour after the Internet disruption began, Internet infrastructure provider Akamai confirmed that it was facing disruption. At around 10:20 pm, Akamai confirmed that it had been able to implement a fix to restore normal operation for most services.

Outage tracking website services such as Dundeector Jomato, Paytm, Disney + Hotstar, Sony LIV, PlayStation Network (PSN) showed that suffering huge embarrassment. These platforms were all over the world including India. The Internet Outage Tracker DownDector showed that Thursday evening. The outage started on the spot around IST.

Soon after reading the spread of the internet, the DownDector website has faced this problem with a Zomato user of around three thousand rupees. Users have complained that they are not able to access the platform. The situation was similar for all other services.

According to the DownDector website, some of the sites affected include popular gaming services Steam and PSN and streaming services such as Disney + Hotstar, G5 and e-commerce platforms such as Suniliv and Jomato, Amazon and Paytm.

Big internet disruptions seem to be happening more frequently these days. Last month, on June 8, a similar incident hit several popular services, including Reddit, Twitch, and Amazon and major news websites worldwide.

Internet disruptions were reported last month due to a problem with the fast CDN. Days later, Quick explained that one of his customers had changed some important settings, which led to the expansion of the Internet worldwide.

Similar disruptions occurred earlier this month with several AWS platforms, including the Amazon online shopping app. A few months ago, Google platforms, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and other Google services, came under massive attack for several hours. Both Amazon and Google have acknowledged the issues behind OutJet and fixed them.

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