Huawei unveils Aito M5 hybrid car, claims it is better than Tesla Model Y


Huawei is now looking to make a comeback, facing a lot of heat in recent years, even being banned from some countries. Plans for the company’s mobile, telecoms and other businesses may still be under wraps, this time as it looks to expand its business scope and take on Tesla along with other electric car companies.

Huawei recently showcased the Aito M5, a car that runs on both electricity and fuel. The company claims that this vehicle can beat the Tesla Model Y in terms of specification. Although Huawei hasn’t made the car, instead, it is working with automakers on car technology like autonomous driving.

Aito M5

The Aito M5 is a hybrid car that will run on both electricity and fuel. After the price subsidy, its price is 250,000 yuan (about Rs 29,45,915). This is comparatively lower than the Tesla Model Y, which costs Yuan 280,752 (approximately Rs 33,07,887) after subsidies. The company has revealed that it will start delivering the car to customers around February 20, 2022, after the Lunar New Year.

The Aito M5 is the first car to run Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system. Huawei claims that the car will offer drivers extreme power and driving range compared to the Tesla Model Y. However, unlike the Tesla it will not be fully electric, instead, it will also have a fuel tank to increase driving range.

Some other features that came out about the car include double-layered sound-proof glass.

Apart from being the first car to run Huawei’s own operating system, the Aito M5 is also the first model under the Aito brand. Aito means “adding intelligence to auto.” The new brand is part of automaker Ceres (SF Motors).

The Aito M5 is manufactured by Ceres, but it has been completely designed by Huawei. The car is believed to be sold in “the two biggest markets in the world, the US and China”.

HarmonyOS integration plays a major role in the car. Also, the company revealed that one of its smartwatches can also be used as a key to access the vehicle.

Huawei has unveiled the Aito M5 hybrid car, claiming it is better than the Tesla Model Y that first appeared on BGR India.

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