Huawei is suspected of tracking visitors through security badges at MWC 2023


Chinese tech giant Huawei has been accused of tracking visitors to its booth at the global tech event MWC 2023 being held in Barcelona. According to Tech Times, some visitors who weren’t able to return their security badges to Huawei opened the small plastic container attached to the lanyard and found something suspicious. Visitors found on their lanyards a small plastic container containing an electronic chip. Among those visitors is Roald Werner, senior vice president of Nokia Europe, who believed it could be used as a location tracker.

Huawei mentions the use of Radio Frequency (RFID) and Bluetooth technology on the back of the badge. It says, “We use RFID and Bluetooth technology to collect the swipe time, real-time location information and residence time information of this Huawei card at the entrance to the Huawei exhibition area. [these] Huawei card holders inside the Huawei exhibition area…”

The disclaimer further states, “…such information will be collected and processed only for the purpose of analyzing the overall interests of our invitees in our products to enhance the quality of our service. We will protect such information in accordance with our privacy policy.” A Huawei spokesperson said, “Huawei Pass is used only at the booth and is returned when visitors exit. No need to track location Is.

A spokesperson for the tech giant said that this security pass from Huawei is only used in the booth and returned when visitors exit.

Meanwhile, the GSM Association (GSMA), which organizes the MWC show, commented, “Of course, you may be aware that some vendors require booth visitors to remove competitive lanyards and branding for obvious reasons, but the suggestion of tracking devices A serious allegation. We are investigating it but do not have details to share at this time.”

To recall, the US three years ago pressured European allies such as Britain and Sweden to ban or restrict Huawei equipment in their phone networks, fearing that Beijing could use it for cyber espionage or sabotage critical communications infrastructure. could use it for – allegations Huawei has repeatedly denied. Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have taken similar actions.


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