How to use WhatsApp’s new accidental delete feature


WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called ‘Accidental Delete’, which allows users to reverse delete messages that they never meant to delete. In other words, this feature will give a small window to undo the action in case you deleted a message for yourself instead of everyone. The new feature is now being rolled out to everyone including Android and iOS.

The new accidental delete feature only works when you’ve deleted a message. It’s a short window so you’ll have to be quick if you want to reverse an action and save yourself avoidable embarrassment. In this case, you can use the Accidental Delete feature.

  • When you’ve sent the wrong message to an individual or group chat, long tap the message
  • You will see the trash icon on the status bar of the app, which you have to tap
  • Now you have two options – ‘Delete for everyone’ and ‘Delete for me’ here
  • If you accidentally deleted the message for yourself instead of everyone, WhatsApp will show an undo option just above the text field
  • Tap Undo to delete the message
  • Your message won’t be deleted after you tap Undo, and you can now go through the process again to delete the message for everyone.

The Accidental Delete feature is available on both Android and iOS, but since it is still in the rollout phase, some users will start seeing it in the coming days.

Apart from rolling out the feature that will save you from embarrassing situations, WhatsApp is also reportedly working on a new version of the Keep feature that will let you retain certain messages from chats that are set to disappear by default. Is.

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