How to use UPI on mobile without internet access in simple steps


Reserve Bank of India in collaboration with NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) introduced a UPI functionality that will work without internet. The interface designed for feature phones is dubbed as UPI123Pay.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das emphasized the multifaceted features of UPI, available mostly for smartphones, to exclude people from underprivileged society, especially rural services, from accessing the service.

Das said that ‘UPI recorded 453 crore transactions worth Rs 8.26 lakh crore in February 2022, which is almost double compared to a year ago. He further said, “The total value of transactions done on UPI in the financial year 2020-21 was around Rs 41 lakh crore, while the total transaction volume so far in the current financial year is Rs 76 lakh crore.

As far as UPI123Pay is concerned, it is a three step method to start and execute services in feature phones. “Today two landmark initiatives are being launched, which are UPI123Pay and DigiSaathi. These two represent two diverse but important dimensions of our payments ecosystem. In UPI123Pay, there are broadly three steps that the user will take to complete the transaction. UPI123Pay is all about empowering more people to have an onboard digital experience through feature phones. Digit Saathi is about further enhancing the trust in the digital payments ecosystem,” said the RBI governor.

How to use UPI123Pay without internet

First of all link your bank account with UPI123Pay.

Once linked, you need to set a UPI PIN using your debit or credit card.

After setting the PIN you have to use your feature phone and call the IVR number and select the service you want- money transfer, bill payment etc.

-Select the service if you want to transfer money, add the recipient’s phone number, enter the amount and then enter the PIN number. The merchant can choose any method for making the payment. Voice command is also available for quick transactions.

How to use UPI on mobile without internet access in simple steps The post first appeared on BGR India.

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