How to use the Nearby Share feature on your Android smartphone: A step-by-step guide


Sharing files between devices is always a hassle. Whether you want to share files between your smartphone and your PC, or you want to share images that you have clicked with a friend, it has never been easier to transfer any file from one device to another. Happens and sometimes it is like a compromise for you. Received file quality. Apple has a feature called Airdrop that lets iPhone, iPad or Mac users share files with other Apple devices around them in a hassle-free manner without compromising on quality. Did you know, Android devices have a similar feature called ‘Nearby Share’ that lets Android device owners share files and folders including images without any hassle.

Interestingly, this feature is not exactly new. Google first introduced Nearby Share for Android devices in 2020. At the time, the company had revealed that the feature uses a variety of connection technologies, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, UWB and WebRTC and would make it ‘easier’ to use. Instantly share files, links, pictures and more with those around you, while protecting your privacy’.

This year, the company further improved the feature by introducing an update that enables users to almost automatically share data between their own devices, such as their Android smartphone and their tablet. The key lies in having both devices linked to your Google Account. “This means that devices logged into your Google Account will automatically accept your transfers,” Google said at the time.

As far as availability is concerned, Android’s Nearby Share feature lets users share files on Android phones and tablets as well as Chrome OS devices and is available for all Android devices running Android 6.0 or newer OS versions. works for

If you haven’t tried out the feature yet, here’s a handy guide to get you started.

How to enable Nearby Share feature on your Android smartphone

Step 1: On your phone, make sure Bluetooth and Location are turned on.
Step 2: Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
Step 3: Tap on Google and then go to Devices & Sharing.
Step 4: Now go to the Nearby Share option.
Step 5: Finally, turn on the Use Nearby Share button.

How to send a file or app using Nearby Share on Android

Step 1: Open Files by Google Files Go on your Android smartphone.
Step 2: At the bottom right, tap on the Share option.
Step 3: Tap the Send option.
Step 4: Select the files or apps you want to share. You can share up to 500 files.
Step 5: At the bottom, tap on the Send button.
Step 6: A Nearby Share half sheet pops up where you can find Android devices near you.
Step 7: Select the person with whom you want to share the files.
Step 8: Once the files or apps are transferred, you will be redirected to the “Share” tab.

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