How to use focus mode in zoom meetings: Follow these simple steps

How to use Focus mode in Zoom meetings

Zoom recently added a new focus mode feature to its video conferencing app. New mode to keep students from getting distracted while in the virtual classroom. It is also meant to give teachers control to hide students ’videos and screen shares so they don’t see what their peers are doing in class. The focus mode feature is now available for all accounts, groups and individual users.

When the feature is enabled, Zoom will allow the meeting host to access all the videos of the meeting participants, as well as give their users control to hide users from the meeting from watching live video of the meeting and thus confuse them.

“Focus mode allows educators to watch their students’ videos, and students get to see their teachers without seeing other class participants. This feature allows teachers to monitor their classes, but students should not be distracted by watching video feeds of their peers or be self-conscious about turning on their own cameras, ”Zoom said in a statement.

The organization further clarified that participants in Focus mode will still be able to see the names of other participants, unspoken reactions or feedback and hear them when unmute.

How to enable zoom focus mode feature during meetings

To activate the Zoom Focus Mode feature you need to follow the steps given:

  • Start a new meeting as host or co-host. You can attend a meeting as a co-host.
  • Now find the “More” option inside the Meeting toolbar and click on it.
  • Select the “Start Focus Mode” option.
  • Click “Start” to confirm.
  • Once Focus Mode starts, Zoom will notify all participants, including you, with a banner at the top of the video.
  • The focus mode option will always be visible in the top left corner of the video.

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