How to Upload HD Videos to Facebook from iPhone, Android Smartphones


Facebook’s growth may have slowed a bit over the past quarter, but millions of people around the world still use it to share photos and videos with their loved ones. Photos weigh less and therefore consume less data, unless of course you are uploading images in extremely high resolution. Videos, on the other hand, consume a fair amount of data, which is why many people default to using standard quality videos, especially when using their mobile data.

However, if data and network connectivity are not an issue for you, there is a simple method using which Facebook users can upload HD-quality videos to the social media platform. If you want to do high-quality uploads to Facebook, you’ll need to:

how to upload hd video to facebook

step 1: Open Facebook app on your smartphone.

Phase 2: Tap on the menu icon with three horizontal lines in the lower right corner of the app.

step 3: Go to Settings & Privacy option and tap on the arrow on the right.

step 4: Now tap on Settings option.

Step 5: Scroll down to the Preferences section and tap on Media Options. Doing so will take you to the video and photo settings page.

Step 6: Now scroll down to the Video Quality section and tap on the Optimized option.

Selecting the Customize option ensures that the users’ default video quality is based on the users’ network connection. This means that when users are using high-speed internet connectivity, Facebook will upload videos in the highest HD resolution. However, if users are in areas with fluctuating network connectivity or slow internet connectivity, the platform will upload videos with a lower resolution.

On the other hand, selecting the Data Saver option instead of the Optimized option will ensure that all videos are uploaded at a lower resolution, regardless of the network speed.

This trick works for both Android smartphone and iPhone.

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