How to share multiple contacts on WhatsApp in simple steps

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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms. The Meta-owned cross messaging app offers a wide range of features from sharing photos, videos to comic gifs. Another advantage of using the app is that you can add a group of members from your contact list to a WhatsApp group chat. In addition, you can transfer money instantly in the chat window. All of these can be used for free.

WhatsApp also allows sharing of contacts in your smartphone through the platform. If you want to share multiple contacts on WhatsApp from your Android or iOS smartphone, here are some steps you can follow-

how to share multiple contacts on whatsapp

First of all, open WhatsApp account on your Android or iOS device.

-Then tap on the individual chat or group chat where you want to share the contact.

If you are using an Android phone, tap on the paperclip icon in the message box. For iOS users, press the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen.

Then tap on Contacts from the menu.

-You will see your contact list, select the contacts you want to share.

-After selection, tap on send button, then the contact list will be sent to the recipient.

On a related note, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will enable users to change the language of the app. WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.8.3 reveals this feature that will allow to manually select the system language. As per the report, the update will support over 60 languages ​​and the user can select the ‘app language’ in the settings.

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