How to set up the area busy feature in Google Maps


Google launched a feature ‘Area Business’ a few months ago. With this feature, users will know which part of the city is busiest at that time. With the help of this feature, people will be able to understand which place in the city is busiest or free at what time of the day. It also includes other places like restaurants, shops, museums etc. This holiday season, the app may be launched globally for Android and iOS devices.

how to use

Full chart of busy area can be seen with one tap. Along with information on restaurants, shops, and other locations in the area, the graph shows how active that area is at different times of the day. It can be found by tapping on a specific place on Google Maps. Last year also Google Maps introduced indicators showing busy and less busy areas on its platform.

The new update coincides with the introduction of the Omicron version of the coronavirus. With the help of this feature, people can avoid going to crowded places.

“To calculate engagement insights, we analyze aggregated and unknown Location History Data from people who have chosen to turn on this setting with their Google Account. This data is helpful in calculating how busy a location is typically for each hour of the week. The busiest hour becomes our benchmark—and then we display engagement data for the rest of the week relative to that hour,” Google said in a blog post.

security measures

The tech giant has taken a number of measures regarding area engagement, including that it never reveals the exact location of an individual, never displays the total number of people in an area, as a whole, in predefined “areas of interest”. Displays busyness for “. It does not calculate occupancy data for residential locations such as houses or apartments.

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