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How to send WhatsApp messages without using keyboard

How to send WhatsApp messages without using keyboard

There are many reasons for the popularity of WhatsApp in a huge pool of users. Facebook’s proprietary cross-messaging platform allows free text messaging on the Internet and is completely ad-free. The interface is simple and frequent updates with new features on the deck enhance the user experience.

Although the application will in most cases require you to type messages and send them to the corresponding contacts, this can be done without the use of a keyboard. Yes, you heard right, courtesy of digital assistants can send WhatsApp messages without trying to type. Depending on the mobile OS they use, anyone can use Google Assistant or Siri. Voice assistant comes in handy if you are busy with work and need to send an important message to your friend. So a simple guide here without further ado will help you get out of the mess.

How to send WhatsApp messages without using keyboard

Before we start explaining whether to send WhatsApp messages without typing or using the keyboard, users are advised to turn on the voice assistant in the phone settings and register their voice commands for the smooth functioning of the digital bot to send texts. Here are some easy steps to send WhatsApp text with Voice Assistant.

Step 1- If you haven’t used Google Assistant yet, just open the app and register your voice command by saying ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’. You will be asked to repeat a few words as shown on the screen, and then the voice will be registered.

Step 2- You can say ‘Hey Google’ or long press the home button to activate the voice assistant.

Step 3 – Once the Virtual Assistant starts responding, just say ‘Send a WhatsApp message.’ It will then ask you who you want to send the message to.

Step 4- Name the person to whom you want to send the text, it will ask you what should be mentioned in the message.

Step 5- Then the voice assistant will start tying up and once you’re done, just say ‘OK, send.’ Your message will be delivered. The second time you send a text via Voice Assistant, it will send it directly without prompting the ‘OK, Send’ command.

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