How to send photos and videos in full quality on WhatsApp


meta-proprietary WhatsApp Easily one of the most popular and widely used social media applications in India. It allows instant messaging and sharing of thoughts and ideas. Unlimited sharing of photos, videos and files can be done on the platform.

However, usually, when people want to share pictures or videos on WhatsApp, they send them directly through their phone’s photo gallery. This is a big no, as WhatsApp has its own compression which degrades the quality of photos and videos sent through the platform.

WhatsApp allows to send a maximum of 16MB image or video, but even if the video or image is smaller than that size, it gets compressed. That said, if you want to send pictures and videos in full quality, you need to send them as documents. Here’s how you can do that.

Send pictures and videos in high quality on WhatsApp

step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

step 2: Open a chat

step 3: Tap on the Paperclip icon.

step 4: Select document.

Step 5: Now, browse for the image or video you want to send and tap on it.

Step 6: Finally tap on Send.

On iOS devices, first, you’ll need to save the photo or video to Apple’s Files app and then send them as a document.

step 1: Open the photo/video you want to send as a document in the Photos app on your iPhone.

step 2: Now, tap on the Share button in the lower left corner.

step 3: Scroll down and tap Save to Files.

step 4: Now, open WhatsApp and tap on the plus icon, then tap on Documents.

Step 6: Finally, find the photo/video and tap Send.

As you can see here, sending the image or video as a document will save the full quality of the media. This isn’t possible when sending directly from the Gallery app on Android or from Photos on iPhone.

Note that the maximum size limit for sharing a document is 100MB as of now. WhatsApp is testing an increased 2GB limit for document sharing, but it may take some time to reach all.

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