How to save chats on WhatsApp in easy steps

How to archive chats on WhatsApp in simple steps

WhatsApp recently introduced new archived chat settings that enable users to have better control over the archived chat feature. With the new settings, the cross-messaging platform will now allow WhatsApp users to keep their archived messages in nuted words even when receiving a new text. The feature was initially revealed for a few iPhone users, but the Facebook-owned platform expanded to iOS and even Android users on Wednesday.

Until the update, users could only archive chats, and archived chats will be automatically archived, and chats will pop up in the chat window if there are new messages. However, with the new feature, it has changed and users now have to archive it manually otherwise the archived chats will be permanently hidden.

“We’ve heard that users want to keep their archived messages away from the archived chat folder, instead of returning to your original chat list when new messages arrive. The new archived chat settings mean that any archived message thread will now be in the archived chat folder, even if new messages are sent to that thread, ”WhatsApp said in a press release.

No settings The new settings will undoubtedly deprive you of unwanted conversations that you do not want to see in the chatbox. You can save both your personal and group chats in the chat list. You will only receive notifications for archived chats if you tag or reply to a group. If you can’t find a way to use WhatsApp’s new archived chat feature, here’s a simple solution. But before you move on, make sure the app is up-to-date.

How to save chats on WhatsApp

Step 1- Open your WhatsApp account, and click on the Chat tab.
Step 2- Once opened, tap on more options.
Step 3- Following this, select Chat and Chat History.
Step 4- Scroll down and you will get all the chat archives.
Step 5- WhatsApp will ask if you want to archive all the chats, if you want to archive all the text then tap the OK button.

To disable newly archived chat settings just go to Settings> Chat then turn off the Keep chat archive option. Significantly, WhatsApp will keep archived chats separate by default even if you receive a new text message.

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