how to reset your home router


Wi-Fi routers are one of the lifeline of our homes which provide internet connectivity to all smart home devices. From smart lights and smart TVs to smart refrigerators and smart ACs, they ensure that all these devices are connected at all times. To add to this, they also handle our daily data needs as we work from home.

But at times you need to upgrade your existing home WiFi router to a new one with more features and better connectivity options. For all these reasons and more, you need to reset your old WiFi router to completely wipe all your data from it. Now, the WiFi router can be reset in two ways – one is using the reset button on the router and the other is using the router’s web interface.

So, here is a handy guide that will help you reset the WiFi router at your home:

How to reset your Wi-Fi router at home

step 1: Keep your Wi-Fi router connected to a power source.

Phase 2: Find the router’s reset button. You’ll find it on the back or bottom, depending on the device you’re using.

step 3: Now press and hold the button with a sharp object like a paperclip for about 30 seconds.

step 4: Release the button when the light starts blinking green. And it’s done.

How to Reset Your Wi-Fi Router Using the Web Interface

step 1: First you need to find the IP address of your router. To do this, follow this path: Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks > Network and Sharing Center > Click on the name of your network connection > Ethernet > Details > Your router’s IP address “ipv 4 Default Gateway”. ,

Phase 2: Type your router’s IP address in the search field of any web browser. Now you will see the admin interface of your router.

step 3: Enter your username and password. If you haven’t changed these, it’s likely that both of these fields are set to “admin”.

step 4: Now you need to look for System Reset Tool. You’ll find them under “System,” “System Tools,” or “Settings.” This will vary with the company and the router model you are using.

Step 5: Next, look for Restore or Factory default settings.

Step 6: Click on Restore or Reset and then click on OK button to confirm.

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