How to Reset iPhone in Simple Steps


Are you facing glitch issue on your iPhone? Or planning to upgrade to a new iPhone to try the latest iOS 15.4 software. In any case, resetting your iPhone to its factory settings can be ideal.

If you’ve never reset, nothing to worry about. The steps are relatively simple and are the same in every iPhone device. In this article, we explain how to factory reset an iPhone in a few simple steps. But before you start the process, we would advise you to back up all the data in case you don’t want to lose anything important. That said, here is a simple guide on how to reset your iPhone and pull it down to Basics or its original version. Once the reset is done you can restore it.

how to reset iphone

When factory resetting your iPhone, you’ll need to sign out of your Apple ID before the final wipe can be done. And as we mentioned it is necessary to back up your iPhone before resetting. Here’s how you can do it-

backup iphone

-First, open Settings on your iPhone and tap your name and Apple ID at the top of the page.

  • On the Apple ID page you will see iCloud, tap on it.

-Navigate and select “iCloud Backup”.

-Then tap “Back Up Now” to back up all your information to iCloud.

Once done, sign out of your Apple ID by going to Settings > Name & Apple ID > Sign out. You may be required to enter your password. Enter the credentials, and then tap ‘Close’.

factory reset

-Settings > General > Reset and then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Note that you will be prompted to enter your passcode, and then confirm that you want to erase everything. Click “Erase” to confirm. The process will take a few minutes depending on the files stored on your iPhone. Once done, your device will restart.

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