How to Recover Permanently Deleted Screenshots, Images on iPhone


So your iPhone is running out of space and deleted some unnecessary files. But what if you accidentally deleted those important screenshots that you kept for later use. Thankfully, iPhone offers an option to retrieve permanently deleted screenshots, provided you do it within the 30-day exit window. If you don’t know how to recover deleted screenshots on your iPhone, here’s how to do it.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Screenshots on iPhone

Step 1- Open Photos app on your iPhone

Step 2- Navigate and look for Recently Deleted option.

Step 3- All deleted photos in last 30 days will appear here. It even shows how many days are left before a photo is automatically deleted. You’ll find details below the thumbnails of each image.

Step 4- Now tap on the image you want to recover, and then tap on ‘Recover’, it will send it back to your camera roll, and there you will have your deleted screenshot. It is worth noting that the same method is applicable for recovering photos from Photos app.

What you need to do if you want to restore a deleted image or screenshot here-

  • Open the Photos app again, tap on Albums and scroll to the bottom of the menu.

Then tap on Recently Deleted which you will find under Utilities.

  • View the image you want to restore, then tap and hold the image to expand the thumbnail.

Select Recover to send the image to your Camera Roll.

  • A verification button will appear, select Recover Photo to confirm, and send the image back to your Camera Roll.

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