How to Record and Download Twitter Spaces in Simple Steps


Twitter recently added a clubhouse-like audio-only chat room-space to its platform. Twitter Spaces which was initially released to select users, was launched to the public last week. While this is a relatively new feature, to help users avoid confusion, the social media platform has provided a guide on how to record space and download them for later use.

For starters, Spaces enables creators to host discussions and promote their content by engaging audiences beyond the pictorial.

“Twitter envisions space recording as a way to continue conversation after a space has ended. It prepares creators and hosts to further enhance their content to increase their reach and audience. Also, it ensures that listeners don’t miss any space about topics that interest them,” the company noted in a press statement.

Here is a simple guide on how to use Twitter Spaces-

How to Record and Download Twitter Spaces in Simple Steps

To create a Twitter space, the user has to tap on the ‘Record Space’ button. A logo will pop up at the top to indicate the space is being recorded.

  • Twitter notes that only people with speaker privileges will be recorded in Space Recordings.

  • Once the recorded space is exhausted, the host will see a link to share the space recording via a tweet

  • Before sharing it, hosts will have the option to choose where it starts with an ‘edit start time’, which allows them to cut out any dead air time that may have occurred at the start of the space.

  • To playback a space recording, simply click the ‘Play Recording’ button on any space card in your timeline

  • Hosts will have the ability to download space to the ‘Data’ folder of their data downloads.

  • They can also ‘delete recording’ of recorded places at any time.

Twitter notes that Live Spaces will retain audio copies of all recorded Spaces for a period of 30-120 days, once they are investigated and reviewed for violations of the Twitter Rules.

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