How to Read BGMI-Based Comics on Your Android Smartphone


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) recently announced a partnership with Pratali Comics. The partnership will feature three different webcomics. The three series include The Retreats, Knights of Silence and The 100.

Here are the details about the comics:

100 About Hoyoung Cheon. Armed with only a gun and a frying pan, he must survive on the battlefield, a battle-royal-style game involving 100 death row participants where only one can win. But survival isn’t the only goal Hoyoung has. He must find an assemblyman who was caught while investigating the game and is now a reluctant participant. Can Hoyoung complete his mission, survive against 99 other deadly participants, and be the last man standing?

Players participating in the 100 Reading Challenge from April 23 to April 29 can get the reward coupon code for BGMI

night of silence Follows Leah when she returns to her small town after several years away. She hopes to receive a warm welcome but instead finds her father dead. The police treat her death as a suicide, but the longer she wanders around, the more she suspects that something is not right. His suspicions are heightened when he finds a book that his father was writing called Battlegrounds. However, there are a ton of pages missing and the more questions Leah asks, the more townspeople do their best to hide her from the truth.

Players who participate in the Night of Silence Reading Challenge from 30 May 6 can receive reward coupon codes for BGMI.

retreat Set in the distant future where people live in The Retreat, otherwise known as Heaven on Earth. Their luxurious life is only made possible because the poor underclass in the slums around Brine must fight in the dreaded battlegrounds to become retreat citizens. John Carty, whose father and grandfather died on the battlefield. The idea of ​​winning Battlegrounds and becoming a member of the retreat sounds like a daydream until she meets a guy named Edward, who looks very similar to her son, Gable.

Players who participate in The Retreats Reading Challenge from May 7th to May 13th can receive reward coupon codes for BGMI.

how to read comics

To read BGMI based comics, you need to download Pratikal Comics Application from Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you will be asked the language of your choice. Just select that and you can access different genres of webcomics. All you have to do is search for the names of those titles which are mentioned above.

How to read BGMI-based comics on your Android smartphone The post first appeared on BGR India.

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