How to put SIM lock on your Google Pixel and stock phone


A SIM card is called the heart of your mobile phone. Whenever you buy a smartphone, inserting a SIM card is the very first thing you do without it, there is very little you can do. You need a SIM to log into your social media platform, OTPs come to your phone via an active SIM card, and you also need a SIM to work.

Realized it or not, a SIM card is the major thing that keeps your phone operational. However, many people do not care about its safety. In case of theft, the SIM can be swapped to another phone. Sure, it is possible to block the SIM card, but it may take some time and by that time, someone may gain access to your contacts and your data may be compromised.

Having said that, you will need to have a PIN/passcode on your SIM on your Google Pixel device. This way even if someone swaps your SIM to another device, he will not be able to access any of your contacts as the SIM will be locked via PIN/passcode.

In this article, we will show you how you can lock your SIM with a PIN/passcode and protect your contacts and other information from theft.

Lock the SIM card on your Pixel phone with a PIN/passcode

step 1: Go to your Pixel device’s Settings.

step 2: Scroll down and look for Security and tap on it.

step 3: Scroll to the bottom and tap on More security settings.

step 4: Tap on SIM Card Lock.

Step 5: Now, toggle on the Lock SIM card option.

Step 6: Now, it will ask for your default PIN, it will most likely be 1234/1111, /0000. Try any of these, but make sure you try only twice (if it fails) as getting the PIN/password wrong the third time may lock your SIM.

Step 7: Once you lock the SIM, make sure to change the PIN as it is the default PIN and anyone can access it if he knows. So to change the SIM PIN, tap on Change SIM PIN, which is below the ‘Lock SIM card’ option.

Step 8: Enter your new PIN and tap OK.

Now to check, swap the SIM to another device and you should see a message asking for SIM PIN/Passcode. If it does, it is working and your contacts are safe.

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