how to make meta 3d avatar on facebook


Meta recently announced an updated 3D avatar for its Facebook and Messenger apps in India. Meta 3D Avatar will let you create a virtual version of yourself to allow you to better express yourself in the online world. The updated version brings support for hearing aids and cochlear implants and also adds wheelchairs for avatars. With these additional features, Meta plans to reach a wider audience for its avatars on its social media platforms.

Today in this article, we will show you how to create 3D avatar on Facebook. Interestingly, you can use the Meta 3D avatar on Instagram and Messenger apps as well.

how to make meta 3d avatar on facebook

  1. Open Facebook in your phone.

  2. Click on menu It looks like a hamburger icon.

  3. Tap on See more the option.

  4. Search Avatar and click on it.

  5. Now, you can customize it as per your choice.

(Meta has added more face tones and effects to make Meta 3D avatars look better).

  1. Hit on the Done button.

  2. Now, you can create a post and update status on Facebook app using Meta 3D avatar. You can also use a 3D avatar as your profile picture.

How to Use Meta 3D Avatars on Instagram and Messenger

  1. Open the Instagram or Messenger app.

  2. Open a chat.

  3. Click on Instagram Now sticker button Look for more avatar options on the right. Click on it you will see all 3D avatars. Similarly, click on the sticker button on Messenger, and in the top section, you will be able to see all the auto-generated meta 3D avatars.

Meta plans to bring further improvements to the 3D avatars. It will add more sticker options and India-centric styles in the future.

“Representation in the Metaverse should reflect the diversity of the real world. Avatars are the first step towards enabling everyone to express themselves in their own unique ways. When you create your avatar you are right to create your virtual self.” Facial features, body types, clothing styles and more. When we launched our updated avatars last year, we offered more than a quintillion different combinations, and we wanted people to express themselves. We are continuing to add more options to deliver even more avenues,” said Manish Chopra, Director and Principal Partnership, META, India.

How to Create a Meta 3D Avatar on Facebook The post first appeared on BGR India.

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