How to Make Google Maps the Default on Your iPhone and iPad


Google Maps is a feature-rich navigation system that is arguably better than Apple Maps. It provides many features like toll price, street view, traffic updates and many more.

Android smartphone owners mostly use Google Maps as their go-to map app but when it comes to iOS, it’s a slightly different story. iOS users are forced to use Apple Maps, every map link they click will take them to Apple Maps, which isn’t great.

However, since iOS 14, Apple is allowing iPhone owners to set third-party apps as default. Chrome, Gmail, and other apps can be set as the default, but unfortunately, you can’t set Google Maps as the default map on the iPhone or iPad.

But still, there is a way that you can directly open some map links on Google Maps. Wondering how to do this? let’s watch.

Make Google Maps the Default on Your iPhone and iPad

To partially set Google Maps as the default, you’ll need to set Chrome and Gmail as the default on your device. After that, whenever you click on a map link in Gmail or Chrome, you’ll be opening those links in Google Maps (due to better integration between all Google apps).

Phase 1: Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad.

step 2: Scroll down and open Chrome.

step 3: Tap on Default browser app and select Chrome.

step 4: Now, make Google Gmail the default by opening Settings, followed by opening Gmail.

Step 5: Tap on Default browser app and select Gmail.

Step 6: Now open Gmail and tap on the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Step 7: Tap on Settings.

Step 8: Scroll down and tap on Default Apps.

Step 9: Under Navigate from your location and Navigate between locations, make Google Maps the default.

If you are curious about apps like WhatsApp, there is no way to set Google Maps as the default map app in WhatsApp. However, since Apple Maps opens within WhatsApp itself, you can open the map link first and then tap the Share button at the bottom left and select Open in Google Maps.

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