How to get permanent skin on free PUBG mobile in easy steps

How to get permanent skins in PUBG Mobile for free in simple steps

PUBG Mobile World Invitational aka PMWI 2021 started from 22nd July A total of 32 invited teams from East and West regions led the fight for the Champions Trophy. The charity event features a ারের 3,160,000 prize that was divided equally between East and West.

Notably, Valdas Sports has captured the crown as the champion of PMWI East 2021 and topped five games. PMWI East 2021, which lasted until July 25, had a charitable prize pool of 1.5 1.5 million, which will be donated to various charities. The Charity Prize Pool initiative for the East, adopted by Games Without Borders, was donated to various charities providing vaccines to underdeveloped countries. The event was organized for a good reason, PUBG Mobile is making headlines following the recent announcement of Crafton. To encourage viewers to watch PMWI 2021, the developers have announced that they will be giving away free prizes to all PUBG mobile players who achieve milestones of different viewers in the live viewer milestone event.

“Achieve the milestone of Pub Mobile World Inviting Live Viewers! Log on to Pubji Mobile next July 2-July 2 to receive free prizes at the Event Center,” Crafton noted.

PMWI 2021: How to get free PUBG mobile permanent clothing

The PWMI 2021 Live Viewer Milestone Awards include crate coupons and two garments, one of which is permanent with M416 gun skin. Players who were able to achieve the required milestones in the event can follow these simple guidelines for getting rewards.

Here are a few simple steps to claim permanent wear on PUBG Mobile through the event.

Step 1 – First, open the PUBG mobile and go to the BR Game Events Center.

Step 2 – Once the center pops up on the home screen, look for the PMWI Viewership Milestone Award.

Step 3- Claim rewards and you are ready to try PUBG Mobile Permanent Clothing.

According to the report, PMWI East Region players need to gain 1 million visitors to get clothing, crate coupons, silver pieces and more; 1.5 million visitors for M416 gun leather and 2 million visitors for permanent wear. For the West, a player had to gain 200,000 spectators to get clothes, crate coupons, pieces of silver and more; 300,000 spectators for M416 gun skin and 500,000 spectators for permanent wear.

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